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Say These Powerful Sunday Night Prayers Before You Sleep

Alpha and Omega,the beginning and the end,the I am that I am,we thank you for everything you’ve done for us,we thank you for what you did and we thank you for what you’re going to do in our lives,we say be thou glorified,we thank you for keeping us to be among the living souls today,we thank you for working endlessly over us,we thank you for you neither sleep nor slumber,we say Thank you God.

Father forgive our sins and shortcomings,every sin that may hinder our prayers from reaching your hears father forgive us,wash us clean,prepare us for battle,thank you God

Say these prayer points to overcome every evil power against your life before you sleep today

1 Every evil power that is working against my glory,father burn them in Jesus name

2 Every evil meetings over my life and the life of my family members,father scatter them in Jesus name

3 God I need your power,God fill me with power to fight this worldly battle

4 Every form of spiritual attack prepared for me this night,back to sender in Jesus name

5 Every Giant in my family that keep trampling on glorious children,father strike them down in Jesus name

6 God as I prepare to go to sleep,father protect me from evil arrows from the realm of darkness

7 God every spirit of sex in my dream,eating in my dream,fighting in my dream,I rebuke them in Jesus name

Thank you father for you are the Lord,we praise your name for you shall hear our cry,glory and adoration to your holy name,as we prepare to lay down tonight father cleanse us,and when your angels blow the trumpet father count us worthy,,In Jesus name we have prayed,Amen.

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Alpha Omega


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