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Religious War: Muslim And Christian Communities Seen Throwing Stones At Each Other In Ilorin

It is no longer funny when violence becomes the order of the day. If people can no longer agree as to having things together, I believe it's best everyone goes their separate ways, in other for peace to reign. It is sad how a certain religion would want to Lord over the other, what they don't want in their territory. The government had better come into the matter before things gets out of hands, this that is starting in Ilorin, Kwara State could snowball into the rest parts of the country and could cause religious unrest.

In a trending video I came across today March 17,2021 were some Muslims who converged at the Baptist Bible Church cathedral, Ilorin Kwara State throwing stones at the Church and the people in it.The governor had earlier directed that the Christians' Schools that were shutdown last week over disagreement of hijab wearing in the school by the Muslim students but their parents and guardian disagrees with the School authority and they began stoning the Church destroying things.

The Christians' in the building had to fight back with the same stones that were been thrown at them to the Muslims outside the Church compound. This is really sad, I believe there are Muslim Schools in the state that could accommodate the students, why then couldn't the Muslims go there and register, in other to be wearing their hijab, instead of forcing it on the Christian Schools to accept their own mode of dressing when the school already has a standard.

Is this a religious war brewing?

Watch the video here

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