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Dear Muslims, Checkout Reasons Why Ramadan Is Important In Islam.

Islam is one of the oldest religion in the world, their practices can be traced down to the historical times. There are various islamics scholars around the world shedding light to part of the religion which might had been lost based on civilization.

There are a lot of Islamic practices which had been adjusted over the years, we now live in a world of comfort where a lot of things had become more easier due to technology.

The month of Ramadan is referred to the holy month in Islam, it is the time when every muslim around the world abstain from eating in honour of their creator.

There some reasons why muslims had held ramadan so dearly, apart from the fact that it's is mandated by Allah, it also has basic life lesson ms that it's teaches you.

Various muslims have the believe that Ramadan teaches them to practice self-discipline. This is known based in the fact that they have to hold off their hunger for a period of time.

It also teaches them self control and sacrifice. It is known that they are fasting for Allah, meaning that they are thinking of more than themselves.

Another important reason is that it teaches people empathy for the less fortunate and encourages the act of charity. When people fast, they are put in the shoes of those who for not have anything to eat, knowing how it feels like.

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