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Quotes from the Koran regarding homosexuality

You can get comments from some Muslim students about homosexuality, but sometimes get stuck when asked to make reference to textual evidence.

The Quran mentions sex between men several times, almost all of them in the context of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, in which some city inhabitants demand sexual access to the messengers sent by God to the prophet Lot (or Lut). The Quranic story is almost the same as the version in the Bible. Later explanations of the Quran agreed that the "abomination" alluded to by the Quranic passages was attempted sodomy (specifically anal intercourse) between men.

Below are some Qur'anic texts regarding its stance on homosexuality:

  1. Sura 7: 80-81: "And Lut said to his people: Will you commit a horror that none of the world's inhabitants have committed for you?"
  2. 7: 81-82: "You approach men with lust instead of women. No, you are a people who go beyond the limits." (also translated as: "You are excessive people")
  3. 7:84: "And we (Allah) let rain fall on them. Look how that was the end of the wrongdoers."
  4. 11:80: "They answered: you (Lut) know that we are not entitled to your daughters and you know what we want."
  5. 11:83: "When our (Allah's) command came, we turned that city (Sodom) upside down and rained layer upon layer of clay on it."
  6. 11:87: "And his people rushed to him (Lut); they had committed bad deeds before. He said: people, here are my daughters, they are cleaner for you. Fear then God and do not disgrace me for my guests. " (by abusing the messenger of Allah)
  7. 21:75: "And to Lut we (Allah) gave wisdom and knowledge. And we delivered him from the city that acted abominably. They were indeed an angry and rebellious people."
  8. 26: 166: "You approach the men of all creatures!"
  9. 26: 167: "And you leave your wives your lord created for you!"
  10. 26: 169: "He (Lut) said," Really, I despise your conduct. "
  11. 27:55: "And Lut, said to his people, do not commit immorality against your better judgment!"
  12. 27:56: "Do you lustfully approach men instead of women? No, you are an ignorant people."
  13. 27:59: "And we (Allah) caused a rain to come upon them, and the rain was terrible for the warned.

The Islamic condemnation of homosexuality is based squarely on the Qur'anic story of the Prophet Lut (known as Lot in the Judeo/Christian context). This story is repeated several times in the Qur' an. Muslim scholars can as well give interpretation to these questions whenever they arise amongst adherents.

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