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I Will Never Be In Any Political Party. Because My First Loyalty Goes To God Who Sent Me-Oyedepo.

The General Overseer of Living Faith Chapel a.k.a Winners Bishop David Oyedepo in a recent video on his church's Facebook page shared a message with the public.

While speaking the cleric reportedly stated that "I told my Pastors yesterday that they should mark the vote by themselves without showing me. Whether at the National Assembly or Local government level, mark them. But be warned. Because No one mocks a Prophet and goes free. He said " I'm speaking the warnings given to me by God.

Speaking further he said "I Will Never Be In Any Political Party. Because My First Loyalty Goes To God Who Sent Me. My second loyalty goes to His Church. And my third loyalty is to a peaceful, prosperous, and strong Nigeria. That's my order. And I will say what God tells me to say no matter how you look! You can't gang up against the truth and triumph, you will crash.

While he continues he said "In case you have been collecting strange money from strange places, you might be eating poison without knowing! On this note, watch out and deviate from sinful practices. Else the wrath of God will come upon you. He said " I made some statement some time ago that 'Leaders think the way out. Leaders think the way forward. Leaders think of solutions. Leaders always think of the future. Leaders will think of the coming generation. Now tell me! How many of these folks have the future for anybody in mind? Haven't they carried their children abroad? And Eating the bread of iniquity?

Speaking further he said, 'What do Nigerians want? Is it A failed nation or a 'thriving' political party? Is it a failed nation or a dominating tribe? Is it a failed nation, or a one-religion-driven nation? What do we want? Because With a failed nation, every political, tribal, and regional structure will collapse. And we are on the verge of it. Because God is asking me to sound this warning. And your decisions will determine whether this should come to pass or not. And if you choose to go by what God is saying, then it's good luck for you. But if you choose to go against it, then it's bad luck.

Watch the Video Here.

Fast forward from 58 minutes 12 seconds

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