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How Some People From A Shrine Wrote Me An Official Letter Because Of A Woman In My Church-Olukoya

Dr Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of Mountain Of Fire And Miracle Ministries spoke to his members on, "Connecting To Pentecostal Power" at their Wednesday Manna Water Service.

According to him, "The Bible did not leave any of us in any doubt. Any suffering we are suffering as a result of powerlessness is our fault. You are still at the level where spirit husband is pressing you down; it is your fault. You are still at that level where somebody will bring out a fetish power in front of you and you are afraid, instead of you to decree that the fetish power they are using should catch fire on them. We should connect to that power, and that is a serious matter."

He then told the story of how some people from a shrine wrote him an official letter because of a woman in his church. He said, "Some people wrote an official letter to me from a shrine. They said, "Dear Dr. Olukoya, there is a woman in your church who lives opposite our shrine. Without any provocation, she came to pour one oil on the shrine, and since then, the idols have been silenced. So, we are appealing to you to go and caution your church member." I read the letter, and several thoughts crossed my mind, like, "Why did they not go to her directly? She lived opposite them, afterall."

"But they were afraid, because if she could go to anoint the shrine and the gods had been silenced, they could not predict what would happen to them if they confronted her themselves. Because the person who could silence their gods could silence them too. And then, to worsen the whole situation, I did not even know the woman."

He then prayed, "May you connect to Pentecostal power! in the name of Jesus."

Fast forward the VIDEO to 4 hours 40 minutes for the sermon

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