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Divorce Affair

"Can I Divorce My Husband If We Did Not Marry In Church?" Read Pastor Chris' Answer To The Question

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the senior Pastor and founder of the global ministry, Believers' Love World aka Christ Embassy. The popular man of God is renowned for the demonstration of the healing grace, working of miracles, and especially the revelation gift- the ability to teach God's word accurately. Not one known to shy away from the truth of God's word, Pastor Chris is also known to share God's word as simple as can be.

The man of God is the host of an online teaching session, where he not only teaches God's word but also entertains various questions from people of various localities, on controversial topics found in scripture, and be often creates clarity at the end of his response.

During one of the online teaching sessions, a question was sent to the studio which read: "Pastor, can a child of God divorce her husband who is not born again, especially since they never got married in church?"

Pastor Chris, however, took out his time to respond to the question in the best possible way he could. His words are written below:

"Well, the Bible didn't say that if you didn't get married in a church then you're not married, you are married even if you got married in the house. If you are married, you are married. The reason for the divorce is okay. Can you just divorce someone because you didn't get married in church? The answer is NO, you can't. So if you got a problem go to the church and tell the pastor He (your husband) is the problem, and if you now want to renew your marriage in church, that's okay and fine, but if you want to use it as a door to escape, then it's unfair."

I hope this dissolved the doubts in your heart? What do you think?

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