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Todays Prayer points from Open heavens - Beholding Gods face.

Topic: Beholding Gods Face.

Test: psalm 3:1&2

Bible reference: David, Solomon, Noah.

Message: it's a powerful thing to behold Gods eye, it can also be seen as a favour.

And that's why we all need to be renewed in Christ and be embedded in his grace. When you seek Gods face, you are changed and blessed, the bible says " For all have sinned and cut short of the glory of God".

Noah seeks Gods favour during the flood which destroyed the earth at first.

David asks Gods favour when he danced round the whole city after bringing in the ark .

Solomon seek Gods face during the judgement of the baby matter between the prostitute and the other woman.

Prayer points:

* Lord please anywhere something good is happening dont let me be left behind.

* Lord grant me your favour and the grace to seek you.

* Make me a remarkable difference amidst my peers.

* Lord come into my life.

* Thank you for all you have done, Lord.

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David Noah Solomon


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