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Cry to Your God This Saturday Morning for Weekend Blessings.

1. Our father and our savior we thank you for all you have done for us. We are grateful for all you have been doing and even those you are yet to do. We say be thou exalted Lord in Jesus name.

2. Father we say thank you once again. Your word told us that our thanks should be more than our request, father we adore you and worship you, accept our thanks in Jesus name.

3. Father, all the sins we have committed, forgive us in Jesus name!

4. Father This weekend,we cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus. We cover our family with the blood of Jesus. We cover our properties with the blood of Jesus.

5. Father we come to you this early morning because your word revealed to us that you come early in the morning. You visited Adam and Eve very early in the morning. Father hear our cry today in Jesus name.

6. Lord we come here with tears in our eyes, Lord we pray you wipe our tears in Jesus name. Father, some of us cry deep inside or in secret without others knowing. Lord wipe our tears in Jesus name!

7. Father, this is another weekend. Lord bless us in Jesus name. Let blessings begin to come our way as we enter into this weekend. Let the shower of blessings fall upon us in Jesus name!

8. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers. In Jesus name we pray!(Amen)

N : Shout 3 thunderous amen to claim your prayer.

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