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Architecturally It wasn't God's Plan To Create Women

This article is not ment to draw or cause aspersions on the female race. It's only ment to draw discussions on my thoughts of the creation stories which i deem the original master plan of God.

I will be drawing my analogy from the famous Two Holy Books ( The Holy Qur'an and The Holy Bible ) starting from the Holy Bible, lets critically analyse Genesis 1: 26 where the Bible recorded that God said Let us make Man in our image, after our likeness.

Genesis 2 : 21 The Bible also recorded that God on seeing how lonely Adam was in the Garden of Eden caused Adam into a deep sleep from hence he took a rib from him with which he created Eve (woman).

Could this be that Eve was created after the 6 days recorded by the bible for creation?

Could it also be that God noticed Adam was lonely after he had finished resting on the 7th day?

Growing up as a young man this aspect of the Bible has been a major source of concern to me. Why was Adam created alone in the first place, was Eve an afterthought ?

Now lets also Look at the Holy Qur'an. The Qur'an (15:36) stated that God made Adam from clay and made his progeny from a quintessence of fluid. While the creation of Eve was not described in details but Qur'an those not make it clear that a Mate was created with Adam, from the same nature and soul. The Qur'an also make it clear in (50:36) that Allah created with in six days too with no clear statement on whether a woman was created alongside with Adam.

One could thus argue that a woman was born out of Necessity and not out of the original master plan. This Line of assertion could sound annoying to some Feminist however i only intend to draw discussions on this.

On my final view, women are beautiful angels created by God to supplement the efforts of men and also stand as pillars of homes. They are to be cherished and loved by men no matter the circumstances because without woman i doubt if the world would be a better place.

Simply comment and state your view about this.

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