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Sinach and Frank Edwards are fulfilling their destinies because of Chris Oyakhilome - Pastor Iyke

Pastor Iyke Oriaku is the President of Churchless Revival in PortHarcourt. He took to his verified Facebook page to call out on Nigerian Christian.

Sinach and Frank Edwards. Eben and Samsong. Buchi and Ada. Jahdeil, Moses Bliss etc. All of them are fulfilling glorious destinies in Christ today.

Just because a young man known as Chris Oyakhilome, travelled into eternity and collected a blueprint of his ministry.

While many of his mates were busy conforming to the pattern of Assemblies of God, Anglican, C.P.M, and many other churches popular in his early days.

Today, with all their fire, encounters and holiness, the wind has carried them into oblivion. Because, God hates it when men are passionately struggling to become who He did not call them to become.

Today again, I see a generation tailoring their ministries like some reigning preachers somewhere. So that they will receive endorsements.

Who knows how many mighty kingdom superstars that will be lost in our Generation, if this trend is not halted? Because the people God sent to use, are busy struggling to make their ministries be like popular ones in town.

Alas! and alas!!

God is looking for young boys and girls that will travel to eternity to meet Him, to collect strange blueprints for end time assignments. The popular is getting obsolete.

The usual is beginning to get boring. A generation of kingdom superstars are on the throes of disappearance. Some have already gone back to Babylon.

Strange mantles are in heaven looking for who will make demand on earth for collection, while young ministers are here struggling to be like someone else...

I am not talking to you. The person I am talking to knows himself. Remove your eyes from big Ministries and their glory. Forget the wonders in any big church anywhere..

Travel to eternity and tell God to give you your own blue print, for what He wants to do with us in our time. Stop wasting the hours you spend in prayers asking for the duplicate of another man's pattern.

When God is waiting for you to cry to Him to show your own original path. You may have rushed out too early.

Maybe, you rented hall too early. But it's not too late to sit back, and ask God to help you carve out your own path. Every burden has a language.

Stop borrowing another man's language to interpret your own burden. That is why people are not coming. Because, they can't understand what you are saying.

They fall under anointing and stand up and still don't come back. They get healed under you and still prefer to sit at home than come to you.

God said I should tell you to stop borrowing language to explain your burden. Go and ask Him for your own language.

I know you have been praying, but I want you to go back and pray more. And determine not to stop until He answers you. If you are ready, then. Let us pray.

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