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10 consequences of not paying tithes

Tithing is a command from God. In Malachi 3:3: "Bring your tithes into the storehouse so there will be milk in my house..."

We all know this particular scripture in the Bible, yet we are not paying tithes regularly. For those who are not heeding to this passage, here are 10 consequences of not paying tithes:

- you are entitled to be robbed because the Bible refers to you as a robber.

- cankerworm will devour your money in form of sickness and disease.

- you are cheating your future.

- you are invoking poverty into your life.

- you are starving your pastors especially those who are full time.

- you are delaying the gospel as this money is being used to propagate the gospel.

- you are bringing the wrath of God upon yourself.

- you are making life difficult for you.

- you'll never have enough because you have locked the heavens.

- you are putting your family in danger.

If you are in this ship, say this prayer: "dear Lord, forgive me. I am sorry for being disobedient to your words. I have turned a new leaf. I'll start paying my tithes as from now henceforth. Forgive me and open heavens upon my life and business. Amen."

God will forgive you and bless you abundantly.

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