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The Canon Law of Catholic Church and Mbaka's Suspension.

Just like every Entity;Religious or Governmental, their are rules and codes of conduct, that ensures discipline and orderliness in their day to day activities.

The Catholic Church is Governed by the Law, Known as "The Canon Law" which was promulgated by the then Pope John Paul II in 1983.

The Canon Law is most simply the rules and ordinances governing the Catholic or Christian community. The Canon Law gives or permits legislative actions by the the "Episcopal conference"(Conference of Bishops be of the Catholic Church in a given Territory).

Suspension in a Catholic law; a censure, Isa situation by which a priest or cleric is deprived entirely or partially of the use of the right to order or to office of any benefice.

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka; The Leader of the Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria (AMEN),an outspoken Clergy man who has been in trending for days now, for his speech to his congregation against the Buhari's Administration, according to Father Mbaka, he says that Buhari and his government has failed Nigerians, Father Mbaka in his speech says it is wrong for Buhari to be silent despite the incessant killings in the country, He also stressed that, President Buhari should resign.

These Speech which according to the Bishop of his Dioscese, is Smearing the image of the Catholic Church, hence he exercises, his canonical powers.

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