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Say This Prayer Before Going To Sleep Tonight For Protection.

Night prayers, unlike morning prayers, are extremely important. There are forces of darkness that walk about at night to attack any soul with a weak spiritual life. During the night hour, God's angel also protects His children. According to the Bible, if you don't allow the devil any room, he will leave you totally (James 4:7).

Stand up and challenge yourself today if you haven't been praying before going to bed or if you've fallen behind. Many Christians overlook the importance of night prayers! They feel it will have little impact on them. This group likewise believes that God is already present with them, thus they sleep. What a waste of time!

How can you expect a security guard to defend you and your home if you fail to provide him with the necessary security equipment? It's not going to work. As a result, you should pray before going to bed so that your sleep may be lovely and enjoyable. I can tell you that if you can learn the skill of praying before bedtime, a portion of your issues will be answered, if not immediately, then very soon.

When your prayer life deteriorates, your issues will inevitably grow larger, and as your problems grow worse, major satanic attacks will become too powerful for you to handle in spiritual warfare. People frequently call me for prayers, usually late at night. When queried about the issue, they describe it as "terrible dreams." Some of them will answer no when I ask if they pray before going to bed. Pray without ceasing, according to the Bible!

Prayer Points.

With these midnight prayers of the midnight fights, you're ready to annoy the opponent. And, before you go any farther, please invoke the blood of Jesus on your behalf. Confession and repentance of sins are also required. Pray for them fervently. Deut 28:1-13; Proverbs 26:27.

.  Father in the name of Jesus, here I come before you again tonight with a heart of Thanksgiving and praises in my lips. O Lord, I return all glory to your Holy name for who you are yesterday, today, and forever, O Lord, may you be exalted in the highest, in the name of Jesus.

.  In the name of Jesus, Father, may your angel from above guide and protect me as I sleep tonight. 

.  In the name of Jesus, may the blood of Jesus be at my doorpost, window, and gate tonight to protect me from any demonic visit?

.  In Jesus' name, I flood my home surroundings with the blood of Jesus. 

.  In the name of Jesus, any power assigned to use me as a sacrifice, O fire of God, put them to death. 

.  In Jesus' name, I pray that the blood of Jesus would protect me from diabolical anguish. 

.  In the name of Jesus, every unclean demon that has been bothering my thoughts be pronounced dead. 

.  In Jesus' name, my night will not be filled with evil horrors. I strengthen you, my mouth, with the blood of Jesus.

.  (Place your right hands on the ground or floor) Any human agent of witchcraft wandering around trying to backbite me or say evil things about me, your time is up, let the earth swallow you up and die, in the name of Jesus. 

.  In the name of Jesus, if I am supposed to die this year, please give me an extra year to live.

.  Every bad priest who claims that I can't rise and shine, Do you consider yourself to be my God? In the name of Jesus, I command you to be wasted. 

.  In the name of Jesus, let the spirit of anger, strife, unforgiving, disobedient, curse, lack of respect, attacking my glory sink and die. 

.  In the name of Jesus, I command every strange power hiding in and around my house to cause demotion and setback, to catch fire and die. 

.  Praise be to God! My majesty! My majesty! In the name of Jesus, please come out of Egypt and find me.

.  Where have you gone, my dream glory? In the name of Jesus, find me by fire. 

.  In the name of Jesus, any problem assigned to derail my destiny must perish.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for answered prayers... 1st Thessalonians 1:1.

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