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IGI NLA: The Legend Of A Dangerous Tree In Yorubaland Which Kills Any Mortal That Touches It

In Yoruba, it is also known as Asorin, its bark and root are commonly used in the creation of powerful charms. It is obtained by approaching the tree from a distance and throwing a live rooster at it after a series of incantations.

Ordinarily, no human being can approach it, its leaves never touch the ground, and cobwebs are woven around the top, where all dead leaves fall. There is no grass or living things growing beneath it or within its radius.

Any bird that comes into contact with it dies instantly. So, too, do other living things. That is why no other large plant can be found near it.

Beyond a certain distance, no one dares to approach it. It speaks, and when its assistance is requested spiritually, it sends an emissary in the form of its fig to accompany the petitioner. This is accompanied by a loud thunderous clap and the tree is rare.

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