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The Key To Victory And Success In Christ Jesus

The first fundamental key to victory and success in life is to trust and believe in God to fulfill His divine purpose. Knowing that God will carry out His plan for your life puts all worries to rest. We have a loving father who always has a good conscience towards his children. He has a plan for fulfilling and perfecting what you have: that means he has planned for your welfare, to make it excellent. He has poured out His mercy abundantly on your life as well, so that you are not guilty, destroyed, or ashamed. Remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, that he did not come to condemn the world but to save it. Whatever hardship you go through today, be encouraged to move forward in faith; Tomorrow the story will be different. His mercy will lead you to the perfect place He has created for you. He is not ready to give up on you because you are his child, and he has faith in you. Second thing you should know is that God always at work for your good and he never sleeps. Knowing that God neither sleeps nor slumbers assures us of His help. Reading Scripture is very heartwarming and exciting because it tells us who God is. He never sleeps nor slumbers. He is alert round the clock and not for himself. He is on alert round the clock to protect his children; To hear your prayers and put enemies where they are. He is everywhere and always ready to answer to his children. Thirdly, don't worry or be afraid anymore. Just call on him and he is always there to give you the help you need. Call on Him in faith through His Word and the solution you need will be provided for you. Are you going through any difficulty? Have you called God into faith through His Word? If you have, stand firm in your faith and wait patiently, and the solution or help you need will be provided. Also, remember that God uses people to provide for our needs. So, be nice and kind to people and it will be easier for you to get any help you need. David's kindness to Jonathan enabled him to help David in times of trouble. Thus, your kindness and tenderness towards people will make room for people to bless you. Also, be filled with the word of God. Ignorance is responsible for the plight of some Christians in the kingdom of God. No Christian can be blessed above the knowledge of God's Word in him. As children of God, we must understand the fact that tribulation is a part of our walk with God. All patriarchs went through tribulation in one way or another. However, one thing was guaranteed: God was with them and finally comforted them by performing miracles. God is aware of the tribulations you are going through, and He is working behind the scenes to bring you to a comfortable place. The scriptures support this point and say that God is merciful to give us comfort in our sorrows so that we can give comfort to others as well. Therefore, never complain, but praise Him, and your sufferings will subside until you find rest. Encourage someone today so that you can celebrate your perfection and victory together tomorrow.

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