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Powerful Morning Prayer: O'God, Destroy Every Evil Gathering Over My Life

As A Good Christian, Prayer is very important. Christianity is a religion that is build with prayer. Prayer is that master key through which we unlock our potentials and acquire God blessings. So when you wake up today, Say this powerful morning prayer before going out. 

Heavenly Father I thank you for the gift of life once again. Thank you God for everything you have done in my life. Thank you for another opportunity you gave me to see another day. Father May your mighty name be praised forever and ever. 

Oh God, you are my personal lord and savior. I seek for your forgiveness. Father in any way I have sinned against you. I pray that you should forgive me today. Give me the grace to overcome those temptation and refilled me with your blessing so that I shall be worthy again to be called your child. Amen.

Father lord, As I’m about to step out today, protect me and guide me lord. Bless what ever I laid my hand upon. Do not let me to labor in vein. God guide me and defend me from every attack of the devil. May every evil spell cast against me and my family be broken today. May every evil alter that have my picture be set ablaze this day. I declare that I’m free and filled in your glory. Good things shall locate me today. All my difficulties and struggles will come to end. I claim your blessing and I will forever and ever remain a blessed child. Sudden death shall never be my portion. Premature death shall never be our portion as well. God guide me, so that I shall go out and come back in fullness of your glory. Amen. 

This Is a very powerful prayer. Recite it with faith and whatever you said here will come true in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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Christianity Morning Prayer O'God


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