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7 Warfare Prayer Points Against Covenant Witches.(Exodus 22:18)

Who are the Covenant Witches?

They are those witches spoken about in the scriptures "Suffer not the witches to live", (Exodus 22: 18) They are very. dangerous and are the main causes of our day to day problems. They scatter peoples business and disorganize their good intentions and plans. These are human beings like you, who can live in the same house and eat on the same plate with you.

They were initiated primarily to monitor the good intents of their prey. They keep watching people's movement and activities carefully. They may look gentle and kind outwardly-but inside of them, they are busy planning destruction, for that is their goal.

Now Let Us Pray!!

Pray the way you never prayed before!!

1. Archangel Michael and the Chariots of fire from Heaven, fight my battle for me, In the Name of Jesus. 2x

2. Every Evil star pointed at my business, progress,etc, Backfire, in the Name of Jesus!! 10x

3. Arrow of darkness pointed at my destiny, die!!In the name of Jesus. 15x

4. (Point one finger to heaven) O thou that trouble the Israel of my destiny, the God of Elijah shall trouble you today, in the name of Jesus. 14x

5. I barricade my business, progress, life with the Holy Ghost Fire, in the Name of Jesus. 20x

6. I unmask and disgrace every evil attack with the fire of God in the name of Jesus. 20x

7. I soak my life, business, progress, in the Blood of Jesus. 10x.

Now, Begin to Thank God for Answering Your Prayers.

In Jesus Name!!! Amen.

It is done.

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Archangel Michael


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