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6 Things Pastor Kumuyi Said About Grace

Pastor W.F Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church spoke about "The Possibilities of God's Grace Through Christ" in a recent meeting. He read the book of and here are 7 things he said about Grace:

1. Grace come from God; Grace come through Christ and by the sacrifice of Christ, by the atonement of Christ, Grace is made available for all of us

2. No matter how much sin you sin, Grace is greater than all your sins. Grace leads us to repentance and make us believe our Lord Jesus Christ. It gives us forgiveness of sin. It bears witness in our heart that we are now children of God. Then it grants us freedom from sin and the power to live in righteousness.

3. Grave sanctifies us and take away the Adamic nature. It provides the power of the Holy Ghost for everyone. It calls us into service and helps us to serve in the strength of the Lord. Grace sustains us during temptation trials and during difficult periods.

4. The Grace of God is available but you have to abide in that grace; you need to remain in that grace. You should not be going out and coming in and keep sinning and confessing. Your life should be straightforward as you abide in the grace of God. The Grace keeps you clean and holy.

5. If you are a born again child of Gor, you have grace; If you are sanctified, you have a higher grace. The grace in our lives should be advancing. The grace today should be greater and higher than the grace 9f yesterday. This is because the devil is advancing in his trials, manipulations and everything he does.

6. If you want to build on the foundation that Paul the Apostle built, you have to have such similar and sanctifying grace. Paul built according to the grace that was given to him.

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