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Contentment And 2 Other Important Principles Of Life Christians Should Take Note Of

What will be your reaction, if you discover at the end of all this bustling and hustling, your life didn't turn out the way you expected? That is a dream no one wants to nurture but sadly, it has become the reality of many people.

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Everyone desires a peaceful and fruitful life; a life that is disconnected from the chaos of the world, a life of rest and fulfillment. The good news is, this kind of life is possible if we know and do the right things. Rest and fulfillment are among the numerous promises God made to his children. Below are three important rules of life that will grant you rest if you obey them.

Work Hard And Work Smart 

Work is one of the key factors of life. During creation, God structured the earth to survive based on the principle of work, hence, He gave everything He created work to do. After creating man, God placed him in the Garden of Eden and tasked him to work for the maintenance of the Garden. See Genesis 2:8. 

Anyone that is not ready to work can not find peace and fulfillment. Hard work is needed to be fruitful and this is beyond just exerting physical strength, it also requires lots of brain work, otherwise known as working smart. Successful people are smart people that are working hard.

Be Content With What You Have 

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This is a vital key to a peaceful life. Understanding the truth that everybody can't have the same thing at the same time is paramount to leading a peaceful and fulfilling life. "Contentment," the Bible says "is great gain." You must be content with yourself.

Appreciating who you are, what you have, and where you are, makes life meaningful to you. No matter how hard you try, you can not acquire the earth. So thank God for what you have as you work for what you desire.

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Enjoy Today And Save For The Future 

As you are reading this now, your life is already happening, and don't be deceived that a season will come when you will just be enjoying yourself without needing to work. That is a lie from the pit of hell. 

Man is wired to always desire and as you continue to desire so will the need to work continue to linger. Because of this truth, wisdom demands that you enjoy your today. Take out time to relax, have fun and enjoy part of your hard-earned wealth. 

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Don't starve yourself to death because you want to stock up your future. What will be your benefit when you fail to make it to that future? You must save for your future but you must also enjoy your life today. 

In conclusion, life is long, plan for the future. It is short, enjoy your today. Life is not balanced, be content with yourself, work hard and play hard. 

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