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Prophetic Prayers Against Death And Mourning, Please Don't Ignore!

Prophetic Prayers Against Death And Mourning, Please Don't Ignore! 


The enemy wants us to live a shameful life and to die in that shame. The enemy is never happy that we are alive, their plan is to frustrate our lives and then take it away. Today we will pray against both death and mourning. Please do this with all the power in your body. 

- infirmities Buried in my body, fall out by fire in jesus name. 

- enemy assigned to put me in mourning, I bury you now in jesus name. 

- satanic pollution, polluting my bloodstream, I clear you away by fire. 

- hand of the most high God, smite my infirmity in jesus name. 

- I use the blood of jesus to cleanse my bloodstream in jesus name. 

- Enemies laying siege for me, be buried by fire in jesus name

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