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Last day in September: Declare These Prayers Before Going Out

God of miracles, received all thanks and adoration for my life and the privilege to see the end of September. Thank you for my family, friends, and all that I have achieved so far. Do not allow my life to end with this September coming to an end, but let me see the upcoming month and beyond. Cancel every judgment of death upon my life and my family. 

Father, I need your help. There are goals that I was unable to actualize this month, and I know it's never too late. Intervene and give me a miracle that will surprise my onlookers and those who think that I will fail.

God prepare me for what is to come. October is the new month, prepare my body, soul, and spirit. Give me the strength to walk through my door of breakthrough because I know that many adversaries will be there to make me fail. Prepare me and make me worthy of every blessing you have destined for me in the new month. Challenges will come, but I will not be afraid of them, neither will I be afraid of the raging storms that will threaten my determination, because I have you by my side.

I need wisdom. Father! Every good gift comes from you including Wisdom. Give me wisdom and discernment. Teach me to be fair in judgment, and root out any form of prejudice from me. 

There is nothing hidden before you. Father, give me a revelation of the secret of wealth creation. Guide me to do things rightly. Lead me towards the direction of my success. Lead me not into temptation, deliver me from the deadly traps of those who want to root me out of existence.

I pray against unknown sickness. Break every arrow of unknown sickness fired into my life. Give me immunity that will protect me from deadly diseases. Do not let them come near my dwelling place.

I pray for divine favor. Favor me so that men will favor me as well in my workplace, business, or every other area of my life. Give me the grace of multiplication. Give me the power to subdue my foes. Teach me to be patient. Help my doubts. I pray for forgiveness of my wrongdoing and the grace to become better. Give ear to my supplication and answer my prayers in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.


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