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4 Ways To Get An Answer From God

When we ask something from God, we hope to receive an answer from him, and this is because he instructed that we should call on him and ask for whatever we want, and he promised to answer, and also show us great and mighty things that we do not know. However, since we cannot hear God speak to us audibly, we could miss it if we are not patient and attentive enough to receive an answer from him, and it's for this reason I want to share with you some ways to get an answer from God, and I want you to carefully read the entire article as I discuss them one after another.

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Here are four ways to get an answer from God.

1. By looking for confirmation in the Bible.

One of the ways to get an answer from God is to seek confirmation through the Bible, and you do this with the help of the Holy Spirit because he has been given to guide you into all truth. It is important to know that whatever reply God wants to give you as a result of your request from him, will first be given to the Holy Spirit. John 16:13 reveals that the Holy Spirit will not speak of himself but only whatever he hears, and since the Bible contains the word of God, he can guide you through it to give you an answer from God that you need.

2. By making sure what you are asking for is God’s will.

1stJohn 5:14 reveals that we have this confidence in him that anything we ask according to his will, he will hear us. This is why you must be sure that what you are asking or have asked the Lord is according to his will, and when you are sure that your request to God is in line with his will, you will definitely get an answer from him.

3. By Consulting with spiritually matured people.

People who are spiritually mature, like men and women of God, and other spirit-filled believers, can be consulted for counseling to get an answer from God. These people can help you inquire from God by praying with you to get an answer to your request. In the Holy Bible, people visit the prophets to get answers from God concerning things they don't know about.

4. By Preparing your heart to hear his response.

Another way to get an answer from God is to prepare your heart to receive his word, and this means that you should get rid of sinful thoughts and humble yourself to accept whatever the Lord will give you as an answer. Also, you should address every form of distraction and things that can occupy your heart and hinder you from knowing when God has given you an answer to your request.

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