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Criticism and conspiracy often results in sudden destruction

Criticism and conspiracy often results in sudden destruction

Criticizing someone may either make or mar such a person emotionally. It is believed that where there are constructive criticisms some are destructive.

Criticism is an expression of disapproval. Miriam and Aaron criticized Moses in his absence just because he got married to a Cushite woman (an Ethiopian named Zipporah) and they both regretted their action. The Lord-God heard them (Aaron & Miriam) and they were immediately summoned into the tabernacle together with their brother, Moses.

And there, Lord’s anger grew hot against Miriam and Aaron. Miriam suddenly became white with leprosy and when Aaron saw what had happened, he cried out to Moses to pardon them of their sin. Moses in return cried out to God to heal her. Miriam was only healed of her leprosy after being confined outside the camp for seven days (Read Numbers 12-1-16). Criticism, if not well guided cut-off a man from God entirely! (God is a God of order).

Now, since criticism itself involves disapproval i.e. expression which is often characterized with faults finding, it leads to conspiracy and rebellion where not well constructed and well guided. When one is fond of always looking out for faults in people, leading a conspiracy against such people is inevitable which is done out of anger, hatred or jealousy. The Bible records of a man named Korah who conspired with Dathan and Abiram and two hundred and fifty popular leaders of Israel to rebel against Moses claiming to be equal with him and dislodging his leadership over Israel.

These men did not go unpunished for the ground suddenly split opened and swallowed them up with all their families tents, belongings and their friends who ignored Moses’ directive. The other two hundred and fifty men were consumed by fire from God. (Read Numbers 16:31-35), but reading through the whole chapter will be the best as additional fourteen thousand seven hundred {14,700} Israelites were killed by God the following morning after the incident involving Korah, Dathan and Abiram for raising their voices against Moses.

As Christians, it is not our duty to criticize our leaders (especially the church leaders) either appointed/ordained/anointed by God or “self-imposed”. We should leave it all to God to address, He is not weak to deal with any leader be it Pastors, Bishops, Reverends, Deacons, Church elders etc. Pray for them, offer them advice and suggestions. Never conspire against anybody no matter how justifiable such might be or look.

Prayer: My Father and my God purge me of every proud(1stPet.5:5) spirit that initiates unhealthy criticism within me in Jesus’ Name. Amen

Oluwaseyi Felix Mounteaagle

Content created and supplied by: Mounteaagle (via Opera News )

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