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The Reason Why Satan Was Thrown Out Of Heaven

Among the foremost creation of God, Satan who was called Lucifer meaning "morning star," to understand why Lucifer was thrown out of heaven, one has to understand what he was before his fall. The "morning star" means Lucifer, which suggests that he was an epitome of brightness/beauty. As many think, Lucifer was not an archangel, there is no record in the Torah, or Bible, or Koran that attributed the archangel to Lucifer, many people believe he was an archangel because the believing archangels are the highest rank of angels there is, but that is also not true, there was no one among the seven archangels mentioned in the book of Enoch Lucifer. Even though angels are in orders and grades. He was an anointed Cherub who was Lucifer, as mentioned in the book of the Torah and the Holy Bible (Ezekiel 28 vs 14).

Does that make him strong? Yeah. Why? And he was cherubim, not just any cherubim, but a shrouded cherub. What are Cherubim, they are angelic beings who attend to Heaven, they have no business with a man (unlike the archangels who minister to man as well), these creatures constantly minister to God in prayer and priestly duties, they do not live God's glory. They go wherever the glory goes. They walk before the throne and they see God's secrets. Cherubim are one of the highest class of angels among the oldest creations of God, only below the Seraphims (burning ones). Do angels have will, indeed, some do because Lucifer couldn't have sinned if they had no will. Then why was he cast out of heaven, all God created is in two folds, for example, the absence of light is darkness, which means that God does not need to create darkness, so darkness takes effect effortlessly if light is not in effect. God is good, the absence of good is evil, and if anything isn't good, it's certainly bad.

There is also the divine realm where God and his angels live, and the real world is there. There is an opposing reaction to that effect, which is bad, as God exists as good. As God exists as the sun, there is an opposite reaction to the dark effect, the third law of Newton, "any action has an equal and opposite reaction." The opposite force affected Lucifer who was in heaven in the presence of God, why? What wants, because of his desires? Sovereignty. In Genesis 1:1, the account of creation is very clear that the world was created before what occurred in Genesis 1:2. When heaven was made, God made the world, Lucifer wanted earth because it was beautiful, he wanted the earth to be his kingdom, but God never gave him the opportunity, he persuaded other angels to see the earth as their kingdom,

So he wanted a rebellion when the force of evil had taken complete possession of his heart, but God ordered the Archangel Michael and his angels to bring them all down before the force of evil had spread to the entire sky. It was under the control of that power that Lucifer and his cohorts became. Then the power of evil invaded the physical universe, caused God to create chaos on earth, and infused darkness, using Satan and his angels as instruments to destroy the world that had already been created.

Then when the world was created by God (Gen 1 vs 3)

He said that let light be there, that you can't call what wasn't there to be before. During the 7 days of creation, if you research very deeply, everything is where it is called to be when others are created (they never existed before). God put man in charge of this new world, and you ask him to replenish, not to replenish, you can't replenish what wasn't before. Have you ever wondered why dinosaurs were believed to have existed millions of years ago? Satan never liked to see a man in charge of what he was really looking for. That is why he caused man to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, knowing that the strength of evil in the heart of a man will always contradict good. Now, this is why people sin, not because the devil ordered them to sin, but because two forces battle to take control of good and evil in all, and the one you follow most rules your mind, every sin is premeditated. Without worrying or weighing it first, you can't do something wrong.

It's behavior and repercussions, but you still do them anyway, so why? It's not the devil that you've made the decision to be. That's why, before God, every man must give an account.

Content created and supplied by: Gfrydey (via Opera News )

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