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Dreams: The Way God Reveals Spiritual Things to Some of His Children

Most people don't understand the significance of dreams and having one. It sometimes alerts you that your spiritual life either needs more fire or your spiritual life is at its lowest form. Some people don't understand that dreams are forms of spiritual revelation. It is a way God sends a message to his children spiritually. That's why most people say, I had a dream about something, I prayed about it and my dream happened but nothing happened to me.

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If ever you have experienced this or you have heard someone say something like this, it means God reveals spiritual things to you or that person through a dream. That's why the above topic said: “the way God reveals spiritual things to some of his children.” Remember, in the Bible, there were some great men of God that God communicated with through dreams.

That is the case of Joseph in the book of Genesis 37; he had a dream that signifying that he will lead and his brother sold him for it. However, is a dream came to a reality by becoming a ruler in the land of Egypt. God can communicate your future to you through dreams, he can tell you what will happen to you or in your life when you listen carefully.

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Most people dream and forget about their dream, this is also a trick the devil uses to take control of what has been revealed to you by God. That's why when you have a dream be it God or bad pray about it. Even if you forget it, speak to God about it for remembrance and speak good of all your dreams so that they can come to life spiritually.

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It's a way God reveals spiritual things to some of his children, not everyone has the gifts of dreams but God can reveal what the enemy has planned against you through dreams. You can ask him for this gift and you can also have it by serving God diligently and constantly studying and using his words.

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