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3 Things You Should Not Do To The Word Of God

The Bible might just look like a normal book but it is the word of God. Everything God wants us to know and do is written in the Bible and we will need to give the Bible much respect. However, here are three things that you should not do to the word of God:

1. Don't Abandon The Bible

In Joshua 1:8, God told Joshua that if you want to have success then the Bible must not depart out of his mouth and he has to meditate on it day and night and also do what is written in it. So you are not just expected to abandon your Bible, but you have to read it and meditate on it day and night. It shouldn't be a book that you just pick up when you are going to church and after church, you return it to where you picked it from. The Bible is very important for our development as Christians and we are not to abandon it.

2. Don't Remove Or Add To The Bible

In Deuteronomy 12:32, the Bible condemns anyone who will remove or add anything to the Bible. The Bible has lived for many generations and we need to give it the deserved respect. It is meant for us and we are not expected to add anything or remove anything from it. We should treat the Bible as it is and believe the words of the Bible. It is for our consumption.

3. Don't Compare The Bible With Other Books

The Bible is a book of all books so we are not to compare it with any other book. It is the most supreme book and it has lived longer than many books. However, we should respect the dignity of the Bible and not compare it with other spiritual or earthly books. There is no basis for comparison.

In conclusion, ensure you read your Bible and pray every day. The Bible is not just a book you drop somewhere and use it only during Church services. You should read it every day and God will help you in Jesus' name.

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