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Disturb Your Lord To Work In Your Favour This Afternoon

It is important we learn from the experience of other people. Moses missed the promise land because of anger. He suffered in the desert with the people of Israel but could not step into the land. Samson's destiny was destroyed by a mere woman. Imagine a man who destroyed the armies of philistine single handedly (judges 15:1-20), but fell by the trick of a woman. It is really a pity. Lying destroyed the destiny of Ananias and his wife, Sapphira who would have been numbered among the saints, but they died miserably because of telling lies. 

Child of God, do not allow sins which you committed in the secret destroy your destiny. Let's consider Joseph. Do you know that he would have missed his destiny of becoming a prime minister in a foreign land if he had succumbed to Portiphar's wife amorous advances? This is an eye opener whenever you want to indulge in unwholesome activity. Always be careful of your character, resist sin because what it does to you is simply destroy your destiny. Do not forget that you are created by God for a purpose and a destiny therefore, guard your destiny jealousy. Do not sell your destiny for a morsel. 


1. Thank you Lord Jesus for today and for the opportunity of reading your word. 

2. I resist every destiny destroyer in my life, in the name of Jesus. 

3. I reject any appointments with the satanic agent in my life today, in Jesus name. 

4. Oh Lord Jesus, as today marks the day you raised from the dead, so shall every dead project in my life be restored back to life, in Jesus name.

5. Declare any other prayer as the Holy Spirit leads you. 

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