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Who Are The Children Of God?

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Whenever a call is made in an open gathering, such as church, market and other social functions, that who are the children of God here? Everyone in the gathering will signify by raising up their hands, to show that they are children of God, meanwhile, God knows who are His children. Mind you, whosoever commit sin is of the devil.

Who are the real children of God? The real children of God are those whose sins have been forgiven by God and have received the power to go and sin no more. They that have received the power to live without committing sin are the true children of God. The word of God says, " Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin, because he is born of God." (1John 3: 9). Only those whose name are written in the book of life are the true sons and daughters of God. When you confess, repent and forsake your sinful life, have faith in the blood of atonement that Jesus Christ shed on the cross of calvary, the salvation of God shall yours, as the spirit of God will bear witness with your spirit that you have become a child of God and your name will be written by the angel of God in the book of life.

God really cares for His children, though there are general blessings which God extends to all mankinds. Mind you, there are special blessings for those who are of God. Some of these blessings include : Divine protection, "No weapons fashion against you shall prosper.." Provision, " The Lord shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Divine Grace, Mercy and Favour of God.

Moreso, to crown up the blessings, the kingdom of God shall be the portion of children of God in the last day.

Are you a child of God? May God count you among His children.

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