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Midnight prayers Against Witchcraft Padlock hanging against you

Smash witchcraft padlock hanging against you. Break witchcraft engagement over your success. Break every demonic claim on you. Destroy the power of stagnation and limitation. Cut down every tree of failure in your lineage.

Destroy evil pin up of witchcraft in your family. Destroy every evil covenant working against you. Frustrate every witchcraft agenda in your life. Every witchcraft register bearing your name catch fire. Evil documents against you be consumed by fire.

May God liberate us from all Witchcraft Padlock hanging, both the ones we unknownly put on ourselves and the ones our enemies put on us.

Command evil informants to die by fire. Destroy every image carved in your name. Break every witchcraft authority over your life. Uproot every tree planted against your freedom. Prophesy deliverance and freedom to your life.

Cover yourself and desires with blood of Jesus. Believe and thank God for your deliverance. With anointing oil seal up your prayers. Read the following passages: Jeremiah 30:5,6,8, Jeremiah 15:20-21, Jeremiah 20:11.

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Witchcraft Padlock


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