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See the Prophet that walked in naked.

Many People seems to misunderstood the concept of God concerning the scripture. Isaiah was a great servant of God and was instructed by God to walk nakedly ( a dramatic way to tell his people what will come upon them). But did Isaiah really walks nakedly? No, what God refers to as naked is called Tunic or inner garment (any clothe next to the skin) likes under-wears. According to customs and tradition of the Jews, the tunic may be sleeve or sleeveless, long or short.

Now according to Isaiah 20:2, the prophet did not walks for three years without wearing anything, but just that he wore only the inner wear that prophet used to wear alone. Unlike today where people wear have small skirt or top or body exposed cloth. What God really referring to as nakedness is wearing inner cloth as normal.

Here are some examples of what God refers to as nakedness; Wearing this one alone outside your own house, is termed as Nakedness before God.

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