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2 actions of men that can always attract prosperity.

Attaining to success is one of the essential nutrients needed in life for peaceful and healthy living. There are different forms of success but the most important one which is always needful on earth is that of amassing wealth and riches.

Anyone on earth who accumulates wealth is generally termed to be a successful man because of his possessions. And to God be the glory, who through His (God's) abundant love, made provision for mankind to be successful in all things.

However, there are certain litigations that a man, who wants to be successful must embark on.

They are as follows:

1. Discovery of the skill one desire to be known for: There is this adage which states that "jack of all trade, master of none". Many guys have failed to discover the work which they desire to be known for. A work that will always motivate, make them proud and give them joy. Not knowing that a work which gives one joy is always done with more strength for achievements and successes.

2. Having an investment: Most people end up spending their money on material things which cannot yield positive outcome. But having an investment helps one to secure and profit from his earnings for himself and his household too.

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