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2 Evil Spirits You Should Fight Against To Become Successful In Life As A Christian

God has given people all the resources they need to be successful in this world. There are many secrets that God disclosed in the Bible through which people can succeed in any thing they do.

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However, despite these secrets God revealed in the Bible, a lot of people don't know the things they should do in order to become successful because they don't read the Bible.

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Therefore, in this article, I will discuss 2 evil spirits that people should fight against to become successful as Christians.

Spirit Of Sin.

The Bible said that sin will bring disgrace to people or nations while righteousness makes a nation to be great (Proverb 14:34). This means that sin can make people or some nations not to succeed. Also, there many verses in the Bible that proves that sin can stop the progress of an individual.

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Therefore, people should stop disobeying God rather they should follow all the commandments of God if they want to become successful.

Spirit Of Laziness.

Another evil spirit people should fight in order to become successful is the spirit of laziness. The Bible encourages Christians to work hard so that they will be successful in life (Proverb 10:4).

There are some people that believe that God will make them successful without working hard but this is very wrong. God revealed that people should be hardworking when he narrated the parable of 3 servants in Matthew 25:14.

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