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If You Are Traveling For Eid Fitr Celebration, Kindly Take Note Of The Following

Eid Fitr marks the end of the month of Ramadan, a month in which Muslims across the globe fast, pray and give a lot of charity. It is the first day of the tenth Islamic month, Shawwal. During this period, many Muslims travel to their villages to celebrate the holiday with their respective families. Undoubtedly, Eid Fitr is worth celebrating looking at is one of the two Islamic Celebrations in a year. Some Muslims, both men, and women might decide to spend the holiday in their villages or the cities where their parents and families live in. As the period is fast reaching, here are some precautions and advice to anyone journeying for the Eid Fitr celebration. 

The first thing is to avoid the night journey and walking through dark spaces. The journey might be longer, but it is better to be safe because some dark and open routes might be risky. If you are the one driving the car, ensure to drive slowly without overspeeding, a lot of accidents were caused by overspeeding. If you think like a car is following you, do not stop until you find a place with people or go to the nearest station. The biggest advice for any person traveling for Eid Celebration is to control his or her social status. Do not broadcast to the world that you are traveling. We don't know who is watching you on social media. Before leaving your home, ensure to pray for your safety. 

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