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Faith Oyedepo Reveals Why A Christian Should Dress Well, Behave Well And Talk Well

The Bible uses different words to describe Christians. It uses words like: "ambassador", "solider", "witness", and even "slaves".

As ambassadors of Christ, we represent Christ wherever we go, in whatever we say and do. The world will use our behaviour to judge Christ. That's why a Christian with numerous scandals just brings shame to the name of Jesus Christ, and they can cause unbelievers to blaspheme that glorious name.

Faith Oyedepo, Bishop David Oyedepo's wife, has given another reason why Christians must mind the way they conduct themselves in their behaviour, speech and dressing.

In a tweet, she said that the way you conduct yourself in behaviour, speech, dressing will affect how people respond to the gospel.

She means that christians should behave well, talk well, and dress well, so that people will have a good response to the gospel.

People could accept or reject the gospel because of the person presenting it. If the carrier of the gospel is known to have a bad behaviour, bad speech, or bad dressing, nobody would want to listen to that person.

Remember that believers have the mandate to go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature. In order to fulfill our assignment, we must destroy anything that will try to act as a hindrance. This must include any kind of bad behaviour, every kind of bad speech, and even any type of controversial fashion style. We mustn't create an avenue that will ruin an unbeliever's perception of the gospel.

What is your take on this statement? Can a believer's behaviour, speech or dressing affect how receptive a person will be to the gospel?

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