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A costly mistake most youths make in this present dispensation.

"Do not remove the ancient landmark nor enter the fields of the fearless. (Proverbs 23:10)".

We live in an era where the younger generations consider the older ones "Old school". They even castigate their decisions, actions, and ideas. They so much believe in themselves that they see their own perspectives as superior and more scientific. They believe that they are new etas, as if there is, or would be any new thing under the sun. This philosophy and it's boomerang effect have continued to hurt the young people like shadow.

The young people need to understand that principles do not change even when methods are changing from time to time. One thing that can never change no matter the level of change going on in the world is the Word of God. God's Words stand sure and settles forever in heaven.

And the Bible warns us against shifting the ancient landmark which has spiritual connotations likened to be rules, laws of the land, principles(natural and spiritual), standing orders or instructions that must be strictly adhered to. The youths should avoid any action that would make them trespass and shift the boundary of the ancient landmark.

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