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"Protest Is Sin (Haram) In Islam", Click to See Aishatu Yesufu's Reply To The Man Who Said This.

Hello Readers, welcome to this interesting article. This article is not to cause any religion conflict and it was written bearing in my that everyone has the right to his or her religion as long as we preach peace. 

Weeks after the #EndSARS protest has been suspended, the after math of the events is still unfolding. A lot of people have shared different views and opinions as to their thoughts on the #EndSARS protest and occurrences before and after it. 

However, a twitter user which I would prefer to tag an "Anonymous" wrote yesterday that protest is Haram in Islam especially when it is a woman that is protesting. He went further to share a link and Koran passages.

This tweet was directed to Aishatu Yesufu as she has led most of the protest in the country as a Muslim woman.

See his tweet below.

However, Aishatu Yesufu replied him by saying with all the destructions of lives and properties going on in the North, how would anyone know that Islam does not support destruction if there's no protest against it. She encouraged Muslims and urged them to not just preach Islam but practice it as actions speak louder than words. 

See her tweet below. 

It is important to note that countries like Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria amongst other countries have protested against injustice and the Muslims in the country were part of the protest. This led to the Arab spring and these countries have greatly improved. 

In conclusion, may Allah help us and grant us the understanding we seek. 

Thank you so much for reading. 

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