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GOOD MORNING: Bless your day with these powerful prayer points (17/07/2020)

Morning prayer is always one of the best time a Christian can have a good encounter with God.To sleep and wake up successfully is a miracle that we need to be thanking God. It's the best way to focus on God when seeking the plans he has for you, for the day ahead.That is why we must never fail to praise and worship Him.

Let's pray these powerful early morning prayer to bless your day


Dear God, I thank you for waking me up today, many people didn't have the opportunity to be alive today, it's not by my power nor my might, but by your grace. Thank you for given me another sunrise to enjoy.

Father Lord, I look up to you this morning, the person you've assigned for my upliftment, Father connect us together, in Jesus name.

Oh Lord,I command the gates of this day to open up and hear me now, in the name of Jesus.

My God bless me and my family beyond human imagination and thinking capacity in Jesus name.

Lord God, when I go out in the morning, separate me from the evil, the evil men. O God, You're so nice. You are loyal and gracious and have blessed me beyond measure. I came before you today to decorate my day.

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