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3 Signs God Is Preparing You For Marriage

It's not easy to discern God's will for our destiny. God, on the other hand, prepares us before we reach any level of success in life. One does not become a Priest or a Pastor by waking up one morning. First and foremost, God must prepare you for such a responsibility. This can also be applied to the topic of marriage.

You can't get married without first considering getting married. And you can't get married until you've proven yourself to be a marriageable individual. If you notice these indicators, it's possible that God is preparing you to marry or be married. The signs are as follows.

1. God develops your biblical desire for marriage: It could be a sign that God is preparing you for marriage if you begin to love every Bible verse about marriage. God will begin to soften your attitude toward marital matters for people who have bitter ideas about it. You would start reading Bible verses relating to marriage.

2. God matures you: If God is preparing you for marriage, he will begin by maturing you in order for you to fulfill the biblical role of wife or husband. God understands the necessity of properly preparing someone to do a task.

For example, if you are the sort that spends lavishly and then suddenly begins to save, this could be a hint. Also, if you are a lady who despises playing with children but suddenly develops a fondness for them, it could be a sign that God is preparing you for marriage.

3. God shapes your experience: If you're the type who struggles to communicate with people of the opposite gender, God can force you to interact with a large number of them. This could indicate that he is getting you ready to marry. Before you know it, you've started collecting books on marriage and relationships. You begin to pick up dating advice from the senior members of your congregation.

When all of this begins to happen, simply pray more earnestly for God to carry out His divine purposes in your life.

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