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How to Provoke Favour and Blessing From God and Man.

1. Be a Giver

 The Bible stated that give and it shall be given unto you. Most persons underate the power of giving failing to understand that when you hand open to give, in it openess receives, that why true givers don't lack. Most people are often relunctant in Giving with a general notion that their Giving out might come back and hurt them, while some feel Giving is only when you have excess, the truth is if you can't give when you have less, you can't give when you have excess and God always ensure a true never lack and he favours them more with blessings and opportunities. 

2. Gratitude 

Most persons lack the habit of been grateful and it has stand as a stumbling block to been favoured and blessed by God. It has eaten so deep into their system they can not even show gratitude to God nor to man. It is quite alarming that most persons have never did Thanksgiving nor testimony in church. If God or he uses someone to help you and you did not show any form of gratitude, favour and Blessing will hardly come your way because of your ungrateful nature. 

3. Dedicated and Committed to a Cause.

This implies been focus and steadfast in what ever you do. In this modern day, you can not be jack of all trade, master of none. What you have not mastered how can you excel in it. If you are here be here, if you are there be there and you can not be everywhere at the same time least you miss lot of opportunities and lose focus on a particular goal. When you dedicated and Committed to a particular goal, God in turn favours you immersely. Let me share you a little secret, the world richest men did not venture into various businesses to become Billionaires, they Invested all their energy into a particular field, exceled tremediously through God's grace, favour and Blessings, before ventured into other businesses. 

4. Be Principle.  

Have a personality that suits you and allow it Governs you everyday life, dont be swayed by every doctrine and people's opinion. Be a man of your word and stand on your ground against various odds. 

5. Be Born Again. 

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and every other thing will be added unto you. Seek God in all your dealings, praise him without season, worship him in spirit and truth, feed on his word and watch him turn your life around. 

Have a blessed day and a fruitful week.

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