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Before You Sleep Tonight (20/07/2020), Pray This Prayer Of Protection.

Even if the night might not be that friendly, there is one thing that is very sure, our God can never forsakes his own people, no matter when and where. 

Our Lord God and savour, is the Omniscient because he alone knows everything, even before he created the universe. Our great God is called the omnipresent, because he is everywhere. 

Since there is no one on earth, and even above the sky can be compared with our God, we call him the Omnipotent.

Therefore, tonight, before you sleep, I will like you to say these prayers:

1. Almighty Lord my God, has you have always promise to me, to send your worrying Angels to come and take charge over me, please Lord, send them to come and guide me tonight, in Jesus name.

2. Oh Heavenly Father, I report every planned of attacks by my enemies to you Lord as I sleep tonight, please destroy them all by fire, in Jesus name. Oh Lord please allow all their plans be null and void in Jesus Name.

3. Every witches and wizards that is trying to attack me in my dreams, Father rain forth curses on them tonight, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

4. Every satanic angels trying to stop my blessings and favour, tonight I break you into pieces, in the name of Jesus.

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