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Bishop Oyedepo Reveals That No Man In This World Has Not Heard About Winners Chapel

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke at Week of Spiritual Emphasis, Day 3. He spoke about what he is benefitting from obeying God and explained that receiving, believing and obeying the instruction of the Word is what makes it work. The World will not work without you and I receiving it, believing it and obeying it.

According to him, the blessing of the word is for those who are doers of the word, not for those who are quoting the word or preaching the word. It’s not for leaders of ministry or leaders of groups, it’s for those who are doers of the word. The world works only for doers, not for preachers, not for teachers. "You can’t access what soul winning attracts without winning souls. You can’t access what tithing attracts without been a tither. The taste of the pudding is in the eating, you can’t take it without working it," he said.

While speaking about Unquestionable Obedience, the man of God revealed that during the time of Gideon, 32000 people volunteered to go for war and God said this is too many for Him, tell them if any of them is scared let them go back and 22,000 went back. That is enough to stir fear but God said they are still too many for me. God said test them and out of that 9700 failed the test and only 300 remained.

He further revealed that one of the very committed elders said to him, “what about those of us senior citizens that don’t have means of mobility, since we are no longer doing church in the old church in town”. He said “that means our ministry with them is over, they can cross over to any church around and stay there until Jesus comes”. He said that Unquestionable obedience does not allow you to open this door and open that door.

He further explained that a double minded man is unstable in all His ways let him not expect to receive anything from God. You would have failed there and failed here for questioning God’s commandment. “This is the place” “Yes Sir”, “pastor this one church and the whole world will be your parish” “Yes Sir” and now see how God has taken Lagos and Ota by storm. "There is no man that can hear that has not heard Winners in this nation and around the globe. God never lies. Stop questioning God, God wants to turn your question mark to exclamation mark," he said.

He then advised them to stop questioning God because they have no power over Him. He is not your errand boy. Choose to obey and watch what he does with your life. He said that any commandment you don’t obey you can not attract the blessing therein. When you don’t subscribe to His instructions you have unconsciously subscribed to destruction.

Finally, he revealed that the prosperity testimony of Kenneth Copeland called for his attention, he went to find out what he found and Jesus showed up and he connected in doing what the word of God says and it has never stopped working. "You have heard the word tonight, connect, obey, do it delightsomely and watch the Lord show up," he concluded.

Source: Church Gist

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