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'I am not going to take the Covid-19 Vaccine- Bishop Oyedepo declares

Bishop Oyedepo, the spiritual leader of the living faith worldwide and the winners chapel, has confirmed that he will not be taking the COVID-19 vaccine, stating that he will not be used as a test subject for clinical research.

Bishop Oyedepo said:

“I have never seen a generation where vaccines are forced upon people. It's inhumane; it's unethical, sir. While I am not a lawyer, I do not believe it is legal. You can't come to my house and administer injections on me.

“What are you working on?” Did I give you an invitation? They're perplexed. The church, on the other hand, has the solution. Is there any evidence of a virus outbreak here? What method would it use to get through the gate? Is it going to be in the air? How do you do it?

“In Kaduna, one woman just got down after that injection. What kind of life are you living? Are we now being used as guinea pigs? The universe is perplexed, but the church is victorious.

“As a result, the church's victory will humble the world's pride. They're at a loss about what to do, sir. The church will reign in strength and glory in the last days. This is God's plan.

“I make no apologies. 'Don't take it, they are deceivers,' says a large, large bird in our country. Allow me to locate someone who will come and inject me.”

“Are you going to bind my hands?” he asks. How do you do it? Did I give you an invitation? I know you're quiet, but you're going to hear a lot more. ‘Get off, we are not guinea pigs,' he concluded.

Do you think it is advisable for Christian to follow the Bishop's decision of not taking the Covid-19 Vaccine? Please use the comment section to share your thoughts.

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