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How Terrorist Groups Clashed Against Each Other After We Declared It In Jalingo Crusade-Paul Enenche

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center spoke to his members on "Dominating By The Blessing" at 2023 Destiny Recovery Convention, Day 2, Morning Session.

According to him, "The voice of God terminates fear. Fear is one of the enemies of dominion and then told the story of how terrorist groups clashed against each other after they declared it in Jalingo crusade.

He said, "When we were going to go to Jalingo for a Crusade in May 2021, the tension was palpable, the Crusade dates were already fixed. Yes! Number one: Their festival or whatever - Those in the other religion, you know many times they use some certain things to set the timing, our date was already fixed before it was discovered, suddenly, it collided exactly with their whatever! Exactly, same day! Crusade in the North! Core North! And number two, they were talking about COVID-19 at that time and there was a public holiday here. There was legislation against public gatherings.

"Number three, terrorism had, in fact, just before we went there, I think a particular location had experienced a very drastic terrorist attack to such a point where the first thing the Governor told us when we arrived there was terrorism. In fact, as we were driving from the airport, we saw the way vehicles were. We asked the people driving, "What's happening?" They said it's because of terrorism and that we are seeing what is going on. This was happening forty-eight hours to the meeting. I was not sure that we would go because I didn't want anything to look confrontational. "You people brought Crusades on our day?" I didn't want anything like that.

I was praying before the Lord, "Lord, what is going on? They said their festival is here'. The government said the gathering is banned because of Covid-19. They said there was a terrorist attack there. What is happening?" I heard two words that were summarized like this, "I am waiting for you there". We were to travel tomorrow, today, my wife asked me and said, "How about the Crusade?" I said, "I'm not sure". After I finished from the closet, what I heard from Him is, "Lift up your heads o ye gates and be thou lifted ye everlasting doors and let the King of Glory come in".

He said to me, "I own the earth. I can decide to hold a meeting on any day and I am waiting for you there". So, I told my wife, I said, "We are going tomorrow. I just heard now that we will be going". Her eyes lightened up, she said, "If you heard it, then we are going". That was how we went and we saw one of the most drastic manifestations we ever saw during Crusades.

He then said, "When we left this (Jalingo) Crusade, where we poured oil on the ground, they dug a hole there. Five days after this Crusade, the terrorists clashed against each other and killed the head of the number one terrorist on the ground- Five days after because we declared that on the Crusade ground. He then prayed, "I prophesy to somebody here, anything blocking you from hearing from God, that blockage is opened right now in the Name of Jesus."

Fast forward the VIDEO to 1 hour 40 minutes for the sermon

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