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Human being with God Spirit

The warning below was issued some 2,000 years ago, but is still relevant today.

"Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world."

There is nobody talking who is talking by themselves. There is always a spirit in man that speaks through that man. Dead bodies don't talk because their spirit has departed from them.

The spirit in man is the man, not his money, not his cars, not his investments, not his height, not his color, not his academic qualifications, not his social status, and so on, but his spirit.

The spirit of man was designed by God to cleave, to partner, to be joined to His spirit, and not to be alone. But the twist of the matter is that by man's gift of Freewill, he was intentionally empowered by God to decide which spirit he wants to partner with or be joined to. And whichever spirit he chooses to be joined to, he becomes one with that spirit.

He that is joined to a harlot becomes one spirit with the harlot just as he that is joined to the Lord is one spirit. Take note. That's how it works.

God's approach is simple: "If you think it is worth it, then take it."

According to God's own philosophy, we discover that forced compliance is no obedience at all. The obedience that pleases God is that obedience that was not coerced or manipulated. But one that comes naturally out of love and faith in God.

God will not force you to be saved or to come to Him or to do His will. No! He will always give you a choice to do A or B, and that was why He intentionally allowed the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and of Evil to be situated right at the centre of the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve saw it everyday, so that it will be man's conscious decision to either obey or not obey.

That tree was never placed there by coincidence or mistake. No. It was intentional. God wasn't tempting them by it, but He was only proving them. And God still proves people today before entrusting much into their hands.

Jesus, the second Adam, after His arrival ceremony and opening formalities, God allowed Him to be tempted by Satan as a way of testing His obedience and loyalty to Him and His Kingdom even after He had fasted for 40 days and 40 nights and was hungry.

The fasting Jesus did didn't make God wave the testing. No! God is firm. He yet went through it.

Dearly beloved, you too must be tested and proved by God to be approved by Him. You will go through fire to qualify for His holy and mighty use. Get ready!

Are you being tested? Hold on! Be encouraged. That's the process.

You cry that some ladies won't cover up their sexy bodies properly and that's why you keep on lusting after them! Really?

I'm sorry. You are yet going to see more crazy displays of fashion madness everywhere from these "beautiful girls". You must make up your mind to look away or God won't use you mightily as you've been praying.

God doesn't have blind trust. He will test you before He can trust you. Endure the testing. Pass and you shall be promoted by Him.

Do not believe every man or woman you hear or read.

Now you know why!

Human beings are spirits.

And these spirits are in partnership with other spirits. They could be bad or good spirits.

But why the injunction - not to believe every spirit - in the first place? If a man or woman is talking to me or preaching to me, why should I check out (discern) his or her spirit whether it is of God or not? Why 1 John 4:1?

The later part of that same verse has the answer: It is because many false prophets, many false preachers, many false ministers, many false teachers, many false brethren have gone out into the world. Deceiving people. Hurting souls!

Today you have people standing with the microphone talking about fire and soul winning but are agents of darkness and destiny destroyers.

You have people carrying big Bibles around who are twisting the Bible to support the error in their heart and to cover the wickedness in their hands. Talk about deception in high levels!

Not everyone that claims to love God truly does love Him, but only those who do what He commands.

If you claim to love God but you're not loving your wife unconditionally, or you're sleeping around with people in your church thinking it is not known, you're a liar and the love of God is not in you, it doesn't matter by what religious title you are called.

If you claim to love God but you hate your spouse, you hate your neighbour who is not from your tribe or your race, or you hate people once they offend you and do not forgive those who sin against you? No! You lie. And the Love of is not in you. It goes on.

I will test your spirit by getting close enough to observe your fruits before I can believe you. The way you live and the way you treat others will reveal the spirit at work in you. Folks are preaching too much these days. I listen, but I test their spirits. I preach too. And I encourage you to test my spirit before you believe me. Get closer. Hear me!

There are many preachers today who are busy preaching righteousness and doing prophetic stunts but who are very far from God. Their lifestyle simply stink. This too is deception. Some are as a result of spiritual immaturity. But many are simply workers of iniquity.

God will judge all of us. Do not follow ungodly men to destruction. Not all that call Jesus, Jesus are of Jesus! Many churches and preachers out there are branch offices of Satan. Run from such. Do not believe them. Do not join them.

●Commit to knowing God more personally and very intimately.

●Ask the Holy Spirit to show you who your teachers are and follow them as Isaiah 30:20 declares.

●Don't just follow every spirit.

●Remember human beings are spirits.

●And pray more regularly.

●Read the Bible daily with a deep hunger to know God more.

●Be open minded and teachable.

That's the way to go. You won't miss God doing those things recommended above even if you miss my posts here on the Internet.

Be encouraged. God loves you!

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