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What Some Muslims May Not Know About Suratul Baqarah


Suratul Baqarah is defined as the hump of the glorious Qur'an.

The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) said: “Everything has a hump (high peak), and the hump of the Quran is Suratul Baqarah. If anyone recites it in his or her own house during the night no devil will enter it for three nights; if anyone recites it in his house during the daytime no devil will enter it for three days.” (Tirmidhi: Hadith no. 2878)

The above Hadith shows the importance of Suratul Baqarah as Prophet Mohammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah continue to be with him) himself stated that "it is the high level of the Quran and we all, as Muslims, know the importance of the Quran.

Last Two Verses of Suratul Baqarah.

It was narrated by Hazrat Abu Masud (R.A.) that the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) said: “Whoever recites the last two verses of Suratul Baqarah at night, that will be enough for him.” (Sunan Ibn Maajah: 1369)

Recitation of the last two verses of Suratul Baqarah being enough for the night means that if a person has failed to perform Tuhajjud on a specific night, let him at least recite these two verses as they would bring as a mercy from Allah as would the prayer of Tahajjud if it had been done. Or else it could mean that the recitation of these two Verses is enough to ward off any trouble or calamity from him for the night. ''Source: Tafsir Ibn Kathir.

Suratul Baqarah and 'Aal Imran will come like two clouds on the day of Judgement

It was narrated by Hazrat An-Nawwas bin Saman (RA) that the Prophet (SAW) said: "The Quran shall come, and its people who acted according to it in the world. Suratul Baqarah and 'Aal Imran shall be in front of it. They will come as if they are two shades between which there is brightness, or as if they are two shady clouds, or as if they are shadows of lines of birds arguing on behalf of their people." (At Tirmidhi: Hadith no. 2883)

According to the above mentioned Hadith, these two chapters, will argue in favour of a person and defend him and get their reward for reciting them. They also have the significance and quality that on the day Judgement when a person will be in extreme need of shades, the reward of reciting these two chapters will provide shade in the form of canopy, cloud or like the wings of the birds to those who acted accordingly.

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