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Wherever You Are Right Now, Don't Be Lazy To Declare These Prayers For God's Divine Mercy.

Beloved, let nothing or nobody lure you into distancing yourself from God because anything you cannot get from God; you cannot get elsewhere. The children of Israel also experienced the effect of separation from God. They were at war with the Philippines and at some point they brought the Ark of the Covenant to the battle front thinking that it would help them. 

Little did they know that the presence of God had left them. They were defeated despite the presence of the Ark. Sin can separate you from God and his presence will leave you though you may still be answering born again Christian but God is no longer with you. Do not separate yourself from God so that his blessing will not elude you in the coming year. 

Prayer points 

1. Dear heavenly Father, I am really grateful for your grace over my life. Thank you for allowing me see this blessed day in good health. 

2. Lord, I plead for your presence, to continually be with me and forgive all my sins which separate me from you. 

3. Father, I ask for the grace to abide in you at all time because I can only bear fruit when I abide in you. 

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