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Today Prayer: Say This Powerful Prayers For Divine Intervention

When your about to go out today, this short prayer say and pay it louder;

In the name of the father, son and of the holy Spirit Amen!!!

GOD I Thank u for the grace u bestow upon me and my family, I do thank u for the Provision and protection.

May ur name be exalted forever Amen! Thank u for the mercy and gift of life. I do give thanks to you all the glory my Lord, it belongs to u!

some peoples have died and they did not see the light while some people have perished, but father! I'm here again today not by my power to declare ur mighty miracles Upon me and my family where ever they're, my father and my maker I obtained mercy from ur sight, May your name be highly exalted and forever in Jesus name! Amen!

My father Lord, elevate me today and make me higher. Declare me a king all over the places that I have been rejected and increase me in knowledge.

God please forgive me all sins I committed please father write my name in the book of life, book of knowledge, blessing and wisdom in Jesus name. I have sinned in all different ways and I am not worthy of ur mercy or your forgiveness. I come before u now Lord my maker, please forgive me and remove my name from book of death In anywhere they wrote my name.

Quickly father I need your Quickly Interven to the situation of this nations and heal the world in Jesus name! Amen!!

Thank you you Lord the rock of ages!

In Jesus mighty, fulfilling name I have prayed AMEN!

Lord bless you as you participated again, in today's Prayer session. Claim this blessing prayers with a Amen and click the "like

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