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There Is Nothing Wrong In Using Your Tithe To Buy Alcohol- Reno Advises Followers

Use Your Tithe And Buy Alcohol- Reno Omokri Advising Followers 

The formal special adviser to president Good Luck Jonathan came under attack after he advised his followers to use their tithes and buy alcohol. In his analogy, he gave example with the old testament when Jesus drank wine. Hold on! Don't laugh yet.

Yesterday, I taught that drinking alcohol is not a sin, and that Deuteronomy 14:26 permits you to use your tithes to buy alcohol, and religionists said that is an Old Testament law. Has it occurred to them that Malachi 3:10, which they use to justify tithes, is also Old Testament? Is this how we are practicing our Christianity? By picking and choosing which part of Scripture suits our biases? Some quote Proverbs 31:4 and say kings should not drink wine. Which king is greater than Christ the King of kings? Christ drank wine (Matthew 11:19). 

Is he right or wrong?

As for me, using your tithe for alcohol is the same thing as using your own money. It is not compulsory to give to the church; that is if your not comfortable with your church, but you can pay your tithe to your poor neighbor who will definitely cherish and make Proper use of it.

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Alcohol- Christ Jesus Malachi Old Testament


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