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What 2 Soldiers Did To Believers Who Broke The Law Of Their Country By Holding A Vigil - Dr Olukoya

Dr Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of Mountain Of Fire And Miracle Ministries spoke to his members on, "The Company Of Holy Addicts (5)" at their Sunday Worship Service.

According to him, You must get addicted to praising God and to prayer. The Bible says, "Pray without ceasing". You must get addicted to fellowshipping with the people of God, sharing the gospel with others, and giving to the needy. You must get addicted to God so much that you do not count your life as important to God's service.

He then to the story of what two soldiers did to believers who broke the law of their Country by holding a vigil. He said, "I read a story many years ago. In communist countries where churches are not allowed to operate in the open, some believers were hiding in the basement of a building and holding a prayer vigil. People were not supposed to gather like that, but they were gathering and hiding there. There were always soldiers going around to see who was breaking the law, and if they caught any offenders, the punishment was capital punishment"

"All of a sudden, in the middle of the vigil, there was a loud bang on the door, which was very unusual. They opened the door, and two armed soldiers came in. The soldiers said, "You people are breaking the law of this place, and you are all in trouble now. But we are going to give you a chance. Those of you who are ready to die for Jesus go to one side, and those who are not ready to die go to another side. But let us warn you: if you go to the side of those ready to die, we are shooting you down right away. But those who do not want to die shall be allowed to go free".

"120 people were gathered for the vigil, and the drama started. The pastor moved to the side of those who did not mind dying for Christ. His wife and son crossed over with him, and three more people crossed over with him, making a total of six people. The remaining others went to the side that did not want to die. Imagine that in a prayer meeting of 120 people, only six people were addicted to Jesus. So the soldiers looked at those people who said they did not want to die and ordered them to go back home."

"They ran home immediately, and on their way, they were saying, "Ah, we are not going to see the pastor anymore. These soldiers are going to kill them". After those people rushed out, to the amazement of the pastor, these two soldiers shut the door, put their guns down, and said, "We are Christians like you. Let us continue with the vigil. Those people are the ones hindering your prayers. They come with a half-hearted heart. They come to the presence of God not expecting much to happen. Their heart is not there".

Finally, he said, God is calling for holy addicts. So if they have not started accusing you where you are that you have become fanatical, then you are not His addict yet. When you become His addict, they will complain about you. They will tell you that you are too serious. Believers who are not serious will tell you that you are too serious.

Fast forward the VIDEO to 3 hours 40 minutes for the sermon

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